Since 1989, Kevin Smith, principal engineer for Marble Valley Engineering, PC has lived and worked in Rutland, Vermont.  As Kevin tells the students to whom he lectures at Stafford Technical Center, the term civil engineering was coined in the 18th century to distinguish the types of professional works he designs, that is all things civilian, as differentiated from military engineering.  Civil engineering has been called the mother of all engineering, being considered the oldest, broadest, and most useful of the engineering sciences.

In the 21st century, civil engineering has many sub-disciplines.  Those categories within which Kevin Smith has expertise and has practiced are identified on the adjacent map depicting the geographic location of past projects. 

In addition to projects within the State of Vermont, Kevin has also worked in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York.

  Civil Site Planning & Design                                                                                               
  Structural Building Engineering
 Drinking Water
  Stormwater Management
  Construction Oversight


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