Construction Oversight
 Regulatory Compliance, Project Coordination, Facility Commencement, Testing and Acceptance

Marble Valley Engineering, PC provides a full range of construction oversight services necessary to ensure that our clients' needs are fulfilled and contractors meet the terms of their construction agreements.  We can supplement your forces on an as-needed basis or provide comprehensive construction inspection to deliver a project from start to finish.  We have undertaken privately and publicly-funded projects of varying scope and complexity, including water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities; roadways; bridges; and public buildings.
Our services include:
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Site Inspection, Layout & Reporting                
  • Field Testing, Sampling & Inspection
  • Schedule, Shop Drawings & Contractor's Pay Request Review
  • Change Order Processing
  • Coordination of Laboratory Material Testing
  • Verification of Final Quantities
  • As-Builts                                                    
  • Project Start-up Services
  • Development of Operations Manuals
  • Warranty Reviews
  • Claims Avoidance
  • Debris Management
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Safety, EEO & DBE Compliance
  • Utility Coordination 
The expertise of our staff is supported through various certifications and professional registrations.  Our complete inventory of testing equipment and technology-based applications provide the tools to deliver accurate, reliable results that you can count on.

We protect your investment through stringent quality control and a watchful eye on costs.

We help deliver projects faster, better, and more cost effectively by facilitating communication and solving problems before they impact the job.


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